Stop, Look and Listen: The use of Visuals on your New Business Call

Everyone knows the values of one’s voice on a new business call, mainly because if you didn’t talk the receiver would hear someone breathing (this would be a little awkward, unless you were trying to scare that person).

Overall your voice, your script and your words make for a successful call. Sales training, sales gurus, theorists and so forth have all attempted to create effective calling techniques and scripts. There is no magic answer to making a ‘perfect new business call’. But I may have stumbled along one that may help – getting the receiver to Stop, Look and Listen.

Step 1
Easy: is the receiver listening to you? Complete.
Step 2
Stop: which can be done by getting that person to “look”. Asking the receiver to look at your website on a call (this works particularly well if you are a digital agency) is a great way to engage someone over the phone.
Step 3
Listen: if you carry on talking whilst the receiver is looking at your website, you can suggest pages for them to click on, videos to watch or blogs to read (!). By this stage of the call the receiver will be fully absorbed in who you are and what you do.

Getting the receiver to “look” on a call gives them more time to browse products or services even after the call. In today’s world an online presence means everything and, as you must have noticed, if you don’t have a great looking site people simply don’t businesses seriously.

Everyone knows a website is a tool which allows people to understand who you are and what you do. Remember, an online presence leads to an increase in sales and profitability for any business and this maybe the same for you on your new business call.

Of course, if you work for an agency who has a terrible website this may not be so easy. This therefore could be your time to shine. Give your boss a little nudge and inform them of the importance of a great online presence. Visuals sell and getting your new phone friend to Stop, Look and Listen maybe your ticket to that winning connection.


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