What do budget holders think of during summer holidays ?

The roads are still quiet while the masses are finishing up the last of their summer holidays.  True it is a great time to live in London over the summer holiday season as so many people are away on holidays the usual city hussle and bussle is noticeable by its absence.

They say some people think about new challenges or changing jobs during the summer holidays and that job applications numbers jump just after the Christmas and summer holiday periods.  But what about if you are happy in your job, not planning on going anywhere and you are the budget holder for an established brand?  What do you think about during the relaxing summer break?

Well – how to spend next year’s budget of course.  And being a marketing professional the likelihood is that there are no shortages of ideas coming to mind.  So the first thing you might do when the suntan oil is packed away until next year and the diary is filling up with meetings is to arrange some planning meetings to talk about next year’s marketing calendar and the funds that need to be secured in the budgeting cycle.

The short period of time when budget holders return from holidays, still relaxed, not yet stressed from work pressure but fresh with new ideas on how to get and spend next year’s budget is a perfect time to be on their agenda.  The next 2-4 weeks is a key time to be targeting brand managers and budget holders with ideas on how they can market their products to their audiences next year.  The time is right to influence next year’s plans.  Use it quick, it won’t last long.

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