Nutrition to make Monday Morning Meetings Matter

As I walked through my local supermarket this week I noticed my true love – sugary jam donuts. The lure came not from seeing, but smelling. It happens to us all; that ‘freshly baked bread’ smell is simply too much to resist. Or coffee. Hmmm…

On being angelic and saying ‘no’ to said doughnuts and coffee, I began to research the impact of smells in retailing and was drawn to the aptly titled Retailing By Patrick Dunne, Robert Lusch and James Carver. This book uncovered some secrets for me.

It notes that senses other than sight can be very important, and as a result “many retailers are beginning to engineer smells in their stores”. Retailers, it notes, even hope that using smells as an in-store marketing tool will put customers “in the mood to buy”. It then looks into how The Walt Disney Company “uses the smell of freshly baked cookies on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom to relax customers” and to provide a “feeling of warmth”.

We ask ourselves: “Pain au Raisin, Butter Croissant or Lemon and Poppyseed Muffin” and “Shall I wash this down with a Cappuccino or Flat White”?

So, are we lured by these sugary doughnuts and caffeinated coffee treats to prepare us for the dreaded Monday meeting? Are they that kick, that spark that will make us successful in our meeting? Are they a pre-treat, preparing us for something we want to avoid? It isn’t just the smells, it’s the mentality we have towards them. And I am here to change it.

We know that a sugary snack and a cup of coffee for breakfast, or missing breakfast all together for that matter, will play havoc with our blood sugar levels, but we still continue to do it. Sugary pastries or cereals for breakfast will be digested quickly and leave us very hungry again before that 9am meeting.

A Solution:

If you have time in a morning; yoghurt, eggs and oatmeal form a breakfast that stabilizes blood sugar. The combination provides healthy sources of protein, fat and low-glycaemic carbohydrates that are rich in fibre.
I often don’t have time to cook. With this in mind I get a quick flaxseed protein shake with almond milk. I then blend myself a kale shake – perhaps blended the night before if I have to rush out of the door:

• A handful of blueberries
• 1 apple
• 4 stalks kale
• 4 celery stems
• 1 cucumber
• 1 pear
• ½ inch ginger
• A cup of water (optional, to help items blend together more smoothly)

As your tastes change from that of a sugar-craving Brit to someone who eats for performance, use less fruit and add more greens. Kale has detoxification and weight loss benefits, it can strengthen your immune system and will give you healthier hair, skin & nails! Moreover, it will fill you up.

So, once you arrive to that meeting, powered up with protein and vegetables you will find yourself looking over to those across from you, coffee in hand surprised by your early morning energy.

The only thing I regret about my newfound breakfast is not finding it sooner. If so, perhaps I would have concentrated more at school. Perhaps my workbooks would have been covered in more A*s than doodles and D grades (Just for the record I didn’t get all Ds – just in Maths. Funny thing is, my dad’s an accountant…)

Ryan is an ex-university lecturer in Film and Digital Arts at The University of Western Ontario. He holds a Master of Arts (80% GPA) and on his days off from drinking kale he acts as New Business Director here at Angsana.


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